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Trogir top image

Trogir is easly asseccible if you are flying to Split ariport. Trogir is situated just a few kilometers from the ariport and it you are in the area you have to visit the beautiful old part of Trogir. Some people compare Trogir to Dubrovnik, although it is smaller. Old stone buildings, churches, towers and ruins make Trogir so unique and valuable that UNESCO has put the town on the World Heritage List. Below you can see some photos of Trogir. The old town is surrounded by water and connected to the mainland by small bridges.

Trogir in Croatia

The old town is separated from the main land by a channel (as seen below). A bridge to the south connects the town to the island Ciovo. 

Trogir harbour

The old part of Trogir offers a lot of narrow streets surrounded by buildings made of bricks and stone. Souvenir shops and restaurants is found both indoors and outdoors. 

Trogir - Croatia

Old buildings have been taken care of in Trogir. In spite of a long life with wars and earthquakes, the town can display a unique collection of historical constructions and buildings. Below you see the Camerlengo fortress.

Camerlengo fortress in Trogir

Restaurants in Trogir

Like most Croatian towns Trogir has a market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, liquor, souvenires and so on. On the marked you can find a wide range of goods - most of the agricultural products are cultivated in the nearby areas.

Market in Trogir

..and of course you will find a lot mor to spend you money on. The prices are low compared to countries in the western Europe..

Trogir Market

Two small bridges are connecting the old town and the main land. 

Bridge to Trogir

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