Pictures of Makarska

Makarska harbour

Makarska is the biggest town on the beautiful Makarska-Riviera. In both directions from Makarska you will find other towns offering long pebbled beaches in idyllic surroundings. On this page you will find some pictures of Makarska starting with a view from the southeast where you can walk on tracks along the shoreline to another riviera-town: Tucepi.

Makarska from a distance

There are beaches in Makarska as well and you will find the longest of them in the western area of the town. From the beach and the coastal area a green belt covers the landscape. The Biokovo mountain dominate the background with its bright and clear shades of grey.

Makarska shoreline

Fishing boats in Makarska

In the harbour you will find all kinds of vessels. Some of them offer you a cruise along the riviera or a trip on the the Adriatic Sea with its famous islands. Fishing is still important in this area and you will find fishing boats along the promenade. 

Fishermen in Makarska

Walking in the town reveals narrow streets and small shops of all kinds. If you are hungry it is easy to find a place to eat.

Street in Makarska

Makarska street

Like in most Croatian towns you will find markets. Below you can see the fruit market in Makarska.

Makarska market

Makarska - Croatia

In late September the weather is still nice along the Makarska Riviera. Most of the pictures on this page were taken in early October.  

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