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Vodice in Croatia is situated northwest of Split and the town is known as one of the most popular destinations along the Adriatic Sea (see Vodice on a map).  Its history can be traced back to Roman times but Vodice is most of all a town loved by tourists who love to spend time their holiday by the sea - or in a boat. The town with 10 000 inhabitants can provide ten thousands of beds for visitors.

If you travel to Croatia by plane it will take one and an half hour by bus from Split airport to Vodice. You are then entering the ibenik-Knin county and on your way to Vodice you will pass the city of Sibenik.

Vodice is more than sun, beaches and harbours. The town has a long history and it can display several old cultural buildings. The bright Church of the Lady of Carmelhe was built on Okit hill in 1660 by refugees during the Turkish invasions. In the centre of Vodice you can see The Parish Church of St.Cross with its Bell Tower (as seen on the pictures to the right and below) built in 1746. The church was founded on the grounds of an old chapel.

Vodice town

In the heart of Vodice you will also find shops, banks, restaurants and several piers giving shelter for all the boats belonging to - or visiting - the town. When the night comes the town dresses itself in lights and music from night clubs and discos.

The large harbour provides shelter for visitors traveling by boat. Yachts and sailboats can be seen entering different parts of the harbour. If you like to visit islands or love water activities (fishing, diving, fjet-ski, banana boats and so on) Vodice has a lot to offer. 

If you preferre small cruises there are boats waiting to show you the Adriatic Sea and the islets Logorun and Tijat just south of Vodice. A ferry can take you to the island Prvic.

Vodice - Croatia

If you are visiting Vodice you are not far from Sibenik and you should also consider visiting the beautiful national park of Krka and its famous water falls.

Church in Vodice

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