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Trogir is found just 6 kilometers from Split Airport (see Trogir on a map). This beautiful and compact town is found on a small island connected to the mainland by small bridges. The canal, the boats and the bridges has given Trogir a nickname as "the Croatian version of Venice". From a historical point of view there have been a strong relationship between Trogir and Venice. This old town by the Adriatic Sea has a history that can be traced back centuries before it became a Roman city 1900 years ago.

Trogir is a mixture of sun, unique and old buildings, culture and a joyful atmosphere. The town is not big, but it has plenty to offer the tourists. Below you see the Chruch of St. Dominic which is found in the southern part of the island.

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In 1997 the World Heritage Committee inscribed 46 new sites on World Heritage List. Trogir was one of them. Trogir does indeed offer many fine public and domestic buildings and fortifications. The constructions are also easily accessible for the tourists and you may also visit the Romanesque churches and buildings from the Venetian period. To the left you see a part of the tower of cathedral of St.Lovro (St.Lawrence). 

One of the most famous structure is the Fortress Camerlengo. The Fortress is situated at the western end of Trogir islet. It was built by Venetians more than 600 years ago and its main purpose was to house the navy forces in this part of the Adriatic Sea. The picture below is taken from the top of the southern tower. Near the fortress you will also see the famous St Mark's Tower, once connected to the Fortress with a wall.

Trogir - Croatia

There are of course all kinds of shops and restaurants in Trogir, but this unique town is most of all a cultural town offering the visitors knowledge and experiences far beyond what you can expect on your holiday. Split is found 30 km to the east.

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