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Garden in Seget Vranjica

The Seget-area is found west of Trogir. Several settlements in the area have "Seget" as a prefix, and this area has become very popular due to its nearness to Split ariport and the historical town of Trogir. In Seget Vranjica you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in spite of its central position.

Seget Vranjica is a perfect starting point for a holiday in Croatia. The small town offers a hotel, apartments, a big camping ground, beaches and restaurants, and still it is not crowded. Vranjica offers space and green areas. Even the settlement is spred in a way different to most other tourist locations. Noice and traffic is replaced by fresh air and the scent of flowers.

Beach in Seget Vranjica

The harbour makes shelter for the boats and you may also rent boats in Seget Vranjica. Outside the piers on both sides of the harbour you will find beaches. The small pebbled beach shown on the picture above is from the eastern part of the harbour. A longer beach is found on the other side of the harbour.

There are three stores (or small supermakets) in Vranjica. Two of them are found between the harbour area and the church on a hill east of the harbour. The third store is found on the camping ground further east. If you don't like to cook you may visit one of the restaurants in Seget Vranjica. One of them can be seen on the picture below. Some of the restaruants in this part of Croatia are closed during the winter and early spring.

Seget Vranjica - Croatia

In addition to Hotel Victoria you will find a lot of apartments and rooms for rent. If you go for a walk through the camping ground and a small forest you will come to Hotel Medena which offers rooms, apartments, restaurants, a long beach and a vide range of activities. All though the area has a lot to offer you are only eight kilometers from the cultural and historical town of Trogir. You may learn more about this by looking at a map of Seget Vranjica.

Shoreline in Vranjica

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