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On the Croatian coastline - between Split and the Makarska Riviera - we find the fabled town Omis (Omiš). This was once a town associated with piracy, and its turbulent history and the wild nature has become a trademark for Omis. 

Its exciting history and its position as a coastal town by a river (see a map of Omis) have give Omis a unique position as a destination in Dalmatia.

The ancient town of Omis with its remains of walls, towers, fortress and churches are telling a story about the power and the might of famous Omis pirates. 

In the Middle Ages Omis was infamous for its efficient pirate vessels and its ability to protect the town. One of the main attraction in Omis is still the peaceful St. Peter's church from the 10th century.

Omis - Croatia

Omis is situated by the Cetina River which once gave the pirates a narrow rout to escape but still easy to defend. The beautiful river is now used for kayaking, canyoning, fishing and water rafting. 

The mountains, the river and the canyons formes a beautiful landscape not found anywhere else in this part of the coastline.

Omis of today is a popular destination in Dalmatia. In addition to historical and cultural monuments and beautiful nature the town offers the tourists beaches, shops, banks, restaurants, hotels and a market. Like elsewhere in Croatia the market offers a wide range of locally grown products and specialities.

Market in Omis

If you travel along the Dalmatia coastline it is strongly recommended to take a long brake in Omis. 

You can have a relaxed and peaceful stay in the town with the turbulent past or you can choose between a wide range of outdoor activities in the wild and beautiful landscape surrounding this old and infamous town.

Street in Omis

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