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Krka river

Krka is the name of a river but the plan of protecting this unique and beautiful area in Croatia resulted in a national park which was given the same name as the river; Krka. The park is situated in the Sibenik- Knit County all though the river passes other areas on its 73 kilometers long journey to the bay of Sibenik and the Adriatic Sea (see Krka on a map).

If you visit the areas of Trogir/Split or Šibenik/Vodice you are close enought to spend a day in Krka National Park. From the bay of Šibenik you have to travel further north and east to see waterfalls like Skradinski Buk which you can see on the picture below.

Krka - Croatia

The national park of Krka covers 109 square kilometers and was established in 1985. The main purpose was to protect the lower parts of the river Krka. Along the river there are tracks leading to the main attractions. The water from the river supports a vigorous landscape wherever the river floats. In the park you will therefore find a wide range of species (birds and animals). The river also forms lakes, valleys and canyons on its way to the sea. On the lake Visovacko there is a monastery founded in the 13th century.

Krka river

There are several entrances to the national park. You may enter it by car and by every entrance there are parking areas, and a information- and ticket office. The small town Skradin is found in the lower part of the river and from there you can experience the river from boats taking you upwards the river. Further north boats are taking tourists to the monastery on Visovac and the waterfall Rosky Slap.

Bridge over Krka

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